How to Write Global Warming Essay

1cac39f3fa7ea76a6adca95da1dadbb9Global warming is an issue that concerns us all. If you have to write an essay about it, it would do well if you provide enough details to help others take action.

Here are a few things that you need to consider on how to write global warming essay:

1. Provide a scientific context to the subject.

While many people have a working idea of what global warming is, many others are not as aware of what is. So in writing an essay about global warming, it would be best if you provide a scientific background of what it is all about. You do not need to bombard your reader with scientific jargons, though. It is enough that you explain what the dynamics of global warming are, how it comes about, what are the processes involved, and what its effects are.

2. Provide examples of the impact of global warming in human communities.

In other words. put a human face to the problem.
In journalism, this is called lending a human face to the issue. The main reason that most of us are interested about the subject of global warming is because it is something that affects us all. As such, you can zoom in on, say, a particular community and note how such a community is being adversely affected by global warming. Highlight the challenges that people living in such a community are facing and what are they doing to cope. By providing concrete examples of people who are actually dealing with the effects of global warming, it becomes easier for you to drive home your point without sounding too academic.

3. Cite ideas on how to solve the problem or at the very least, how to deal with it.

Is global warming reversible? Many scientists do not countenance this idea. Therefore, if this problem is not going away, what can be done to deal with it? As it were, there are many proposals in place that detail how people are supposed to deal with global warming, including the need to find an alternative to carbon-based fuel, creating a more sustainable economic model, changing our wasteful lifestyles, and reducing our carbon footprints, among others.