Essay about How to Stop Global Warming

For the longest time, world leaders, environment ministers, and various stakeholders have been regularly meeting in the hopes of coming up with a globally accepted consensus on how to best combat the negative effects of global warming. Although such consensus is yet to be achieved, there is nonetheless an almost universal acknowledgment of the need to act in order to reduce, if not altogether mitigate, the negative repercussions of a world experiencing rising temperatures.

The fact of the matter is that global warming is a multi-pronged issue that requires more than just one solution. Cooperation, mutual trust, support, and a commitment to help solve the problem are indispensable in solving, or at the very least coming to terms with, global warming.

Here are even more concrete ways on how to stop global warming:

1. Create a new and a more sustainable economic model.

The current economic model used by most nations is focused primarily on continuous growth without taking into account the limitations of the resources available. infinite growth is impossible to achieve in a world with finite resources. There is therefore a need to come up with a new economic model that is more realistic and attuned to such limitations — a model that places a premium on sustainable growth rather than on reckless expansionism.

2. Come up with a calibrated global approach.

A single country cannot fight the adverse effects of global warming on its own. It is necessary that the global community is able to unite and hold a singular vision designed to overcome the challenges posed by global warming.

3. Find an alternative to carbon-based fuel.

A major cause of global warming is the burning of carbon-based fuel for residential and industrial electricity, transportation, and production. Greenhouse gasses emitted during the burning of such fuel accumulate in the sky and trap heat from the sun, causing the planet to warm up. If there was an alternative to this kind of fuel — say, solar or hydropower — then our planet’s atmosphere wouldn’t be suffocating from CFC gasses.

There are other more concrete ways on how to stop global warming. Indeed, with concerted efforts from everyone, combatting the negative effects of global warming isn’t exactly a hopeless exercise.